Jan Katayama's Biography

Education and Background
Jan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who received her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Denver.  Her experience as a social worker in the long term care profession enhances her ability to bring intuitive messages to you in a comforting and helpful way.  She has been present when people were transitioning through their human death to the “other side”.  Jan has assisted many of her family members, friends and clients during this sacred time. These experiences have led to her sensitivity in helping clients to connect with loved ones.

Intuitive Studies
Jan has studied with a number of well-known intuitives, psychics, and mediums. Jan has also studied with several different shamans.

Jan has studied with internationally known spirituality teacher and intuitive guide Sonia Choquette, completing Sixth Sensory Certification Training of Levels I, II and III.

Jan also helped Denver based psychic and medium Deb Sheppard with Mentoring classes.