What's a Reading Like?

What’s a reading really like?
Jan will make you feel very comfortable and talking with her is easy.  You can bring questions with you or she can give you a general reading.
It helps if you think about what you want out of your visit with her before you see her.    Think about any specific things you are wondering about or any questions you have in mind and let her know what they are.  Many times people will say that they have no questions, but if they think carefully, they’ll realize that there are some particular things that they are interested in finding out.
You will sit with her (or be with her on the phone) as she channels your Guides and they provide her with information.  As she checks in, she becomes quiet and appears simply to be listening; you will not necessarily hear anything.  During the reading asking questions is fine.
As she listens to her guides (and yours), she will let you know what information is coming through.  Sometimes the information that she gets will be symbolic.  Some of it will be related to things that are going on in your life currently and help to validate that your Spirit Guides are with you always.
In talking to people who have crossed over she can give you messages from them and you may receive validation from them.  You can ask those questions, if you like. They also will often give her information that helps you to know that they continue to be a part of your life now.  At first, it may be a little uneasy to hear your loved one’s messages and then you may think, “How can she know about that?”, but then it’s very reassuring.
Sometimes it can be frustrating if you want to hear specific information or from a specific person and they don’t not come through as you desire.  Also, when Jan connects with people who have crossed over, they come through to her as they please.  It’s always interesting to see who shows up.  There is usually a lot of information and you may get a bit overwhelmed after the experience.  You are welcome to record your reading and take notes.

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